my temperature runs about 10 degrees hotter than normal. here’s hoping i don’t spontaneously combust because that could get messy.

in other news, i like to write in all small case letters. no, it doesn’t make sense, but i am a literary genius, so go with it.

i’m an east coast gal residing in the colder regions of said coast, which helps with the overheating factor i mentioned earlier. erm, umm, enough body talk. what else do i do? write. play sports. read. eat chocolate. mumble. attempt not to get lost when traversing from point a to b. if you’re good with a compass, let’s be friends. if you feel nervous about accepting my offer of friendship without knowing more, you should read this thing you’re on, my blog. there’s a lot (maybe too much) about me on there. read, decide, get back to me.

or, if you prefer the hip, new “micro-blogging”, i’m on twitter. see this link? click it. it’s not dangerous, promise.

CONTACT ME: acmumford [at] yahoo [dot] com.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Cathy Mumford Says:

    Hi from Mom. xoxo

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