memories + manuscripts

it’s moments like these that make me re-committed to not blogging.

invisible + 6 years

yes, you read that right: NOT blogging.

i know this makes all two of my remaining blog readers sad, but that conversation with a grad school crony began with the red sox and the world series and going to game 6 at fenway and me wanting to know if i might be able to see her and her husband on TV when it took a sharp spin into writing land. it shouldn’t have surprised me considering we met in a writing program, but it stunned me with its sincerity and accuracy and vastness.

most of all because me tell a funny story? that never happens. i’m just not good with the verbal method of telling stories.

seriously though, what seemed like a little question to deb was a big moment for me because it reminded me i want to write a publishable manuscript. i want to have readers and i want them to remember little bits about my writing, even if it’s pieces i barely remember. even if those tiny particles of memory never reach me, it’s an electrifying thought to think they could be out there.

i’m not closing up the blog shop forever, but for the time being it will most likely remain dark because i need to focus my creative efforts elsewhere. for those readers who miss my words, feel free to email me or call me or tweet at me to check in. just because i’m not blogging regularly doesn’t mean i don’t exist. ;)

*signs off for now*