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conversations with strangers #57

April 26, 2013

i sometimes talk to strangers. here’s why.

i was scurrying to work on a blustery morning. i was on the later side of things and was already pondering my to do list for the day. meetings and projects and decisions and more meetings mounted in my head and i stopped paying attention to what my feet and hands were doing. as such, my thermos o’ decaf coffee hit my thigh and in direct opposition to my own clumsiness stuck its landing gracefully and upside down.

“huh,” i thought, pausing, studying, and laughing before leaning down to pick it up.

“that doesn’t happen twice,” a guy said.

i looked up at where i was; at the junction of where an apartment complex’s entrance hits the main sidewalk. of course this would happen in front of an audience. “no, it does not,” i said, smiled, and hoped the rest of my day would follow the trajectory of my thermos — graceful, albeit upside down.

it’d be better than me stumbling upright through the remaining hours.

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March 19, 2013

i don’t have much to say, so here, have some pretty pictures:

tyler knott -- poetry laughter 2

go forth and conquer

August 3, 2012

here’s hoping your day is filled with more of this:

than this:

good luck to you (and me) today!

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5000 words

July 3, 2012

they say a picture is worth 1000 words, so here, have 5000 words.

the end.

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blogging template

March 9, 2012

introduction — start off with a witty comment, a question, a concern, a thought, an interaction.

middle — use supporting arguments, pictures, explanations, situations to prove the point you previously introduced.

end — the closing KAPOW statement. circle back to the original point, and leave them wanting more.

and that’s how a blog post is written, more or less.

probably with a lot LESS simplicity and a lot MORE pulling out of hair, backspacing over words, refreshing, rewriting, revising, pondering, looking out the window, rereading, revising, rewriting, etc. etc. etc.

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