informational interview

it turns out when you speak to a professional about their job, you learn something.

the last two comments (one by adriana and one by prgrmr42) are in and of themselves poetic and isn’t that the beauty of the conversation? of poetry? it speaks to us in “hints, suggestions, implications” not to mention imagery, emotions, and experiences.

i think this is what i’ve been doing “wrong” all these years. i’ve been reading poems too literally. i’ve really only studied poetry when in school, so i suppose my pavlovian response is to read to come up with an answer that’s acceptable by the teacher instead of feeling the words, drinking them in, and repeating them to see how i perceive the poem. no one else, just me. me and the words.

now that’s a duet i can get behind.

and now that i’ve been freshly enlightened, i need me some poetry to read! suggestions welcome.


musical chain of events

it began with a question from maga: “have you heard of [a rock band]?”

it continued with brunch with a musician who had an unusual connection to my family and me with his.

it all went down saturday night when nancy, lauren and i showed up at will call at the paramount theater (where guster was performing) and i nervously spoke up.

me: “i think there are supposed to be some tickets waiting for me.”

girl: “sure. what’s your last name?”

me: “mumford.” *starts to spell…*

girl: “oh, yeah, abby.”

me: *turns to N and L with wide eyes*

girl: “here are your 3 tickets and here are 3 after show passes.”

me: *not sure which is falling faster — my jaw or my eyeballs out of head* *giggles* “umm, what? are? those?”

girl: “they’re like backstage passes, except there’s no backstage here. it’s like a meet and greet with the band.”

me: “oh, wow! thank you! i mean, wow, yeah, okay. GREAT!”

basically, the people i know know the people guster knows and i landed in the middle of an unbelievable situation: free tickets + backstage passes to meet the band!! have i mentioned that guster is one of my most favorite bands ever?

so not only did this concert have an unusual beginning upon entering the theater, but it had an unusual beginning when the show began. instead of an opening band, there was an opening comedian, which changed the tone of the evening turning it from a music concert into an event. (an event that, if you ask me, would have been better if it had included just the main attraction.)


fortunately, once the comedian’s time was up and guster took the stage, they did what they do so well — they rocked it out — with humor and charm and that’s why i’ve seen them (at least once) every year since 2003.

they put on a live show like no one else.

and this time i got to tell them so.

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convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #30

i’m talking to strangers… here’s why.

me: can i have a decaf, iced, tall americano?

him: *laughs* cool. *laughs*

me: *bemused expression*

him: that order just makes me want to laugh.

me: i hope in a good way.

him: yes, right on. *collects himself* what was that order again?

me: *repeats order*

him: cool.

my drink arrived and the side of laughter made the coffee taste a lot less bitter. a fine way to start the day.


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guest post: internet

i LOVE it that you come here to read my words, but today, let’s have a look at some of the awesome that’s available in other areas of the interwebs. (don’t worry, all but one of these are short and sweet and worth the click.)

close the door by aidan donnelley rowley

what’s your new dream by lindsey leavitt (warning: long.)

day 8 by adriana kirilova

one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen from tahereh mafi’s tumblr

on inspiration by bria quinlan

caffeine in art form from tumblr

a chinese translation from k.marie criddle

the engineering of a wish by kristen munson

advice on not giving up (framed as writerly advice, but valid at any point in your life) by tawna fenske

day 3 by adriana kirilova

do you have any favorite sites i should visit?

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