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writing retreat

October 23, 2012

i’d heard of these things where a bunch of writers travel to a specific locale and do nothing* but write. i’m not entirely sure how i got (a) the label “writer” and (b) an invite to rockport, MA, but i did and i was and i accepted both.

after a weekend of words, i find myself only left with these:


and here are these:

rockport, MA

a little brainstorming. a little handwriting, a little afternoon sunshine.

walking for inspiration

my shadow is going places. hopefully the rest of me will too.

leaving my mark.

alternate views

game night

back to work

one last trip to the beach. note, it’s a little difficult to form your own ideas when another author’s words run on repeat in your head: “the sky and the sand and the sea and Corr.”

the end.

*nothing but eat, drink, listen to music, talk, play games, cook, brainstorm, sleep and write.

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yup, me too

December 17, 2009

i couldn’t have said it better myself. not even if i tried really really hard and wrote through 5 drafts, so i’ll just copy and paste what kristen wrote:


from The Grateful Project by kmunsey

I am grateful for …

Ideas you hurriedly sketch on the back of Post It notes at work that have nothing to do with work and everything to do with the rest of your life. Ideas you take home and stick to your wall so you don’t forget.