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April 16, 2019

“I figured when I didn’t hear from you last week that you were off somewhere,” Maga said.

“I was! I thought my phone would work, so I didn’t warn you. But then I tried to call you and…nothing…”

“I thought you had one of those phones that worked everywhere.”

“Yeah, me too. But since it didn’t work, I wrote you a postcard instead. You should be getting it soon.”

“Thank you! I’ll look forward to that. How was the weather there?”

“Perfect. Sunny. Warm. Lovely.”

“The Caribbean general has pretty good weather.”

“You can say that again.”

“Did you do much swimming?”

“Actually, yes. About half of the days. I’ve never seen water so clear before.”

“How nice.”

“Did you like swimming?” Her pause confused me. I wasn’t sure if she couldn’t hear me or was deep in thought. “You know, when you were younger?”

“Oh, yes. I loved going to the beach, bouncing around in the waves.”

“Did you take many family trips to the beach?”

“Yes. They were special. When you have young children you don’t like to go off and leave them especially, so you take them with you.”

It was my turn to get lost in thought, as I was busy imaging Maga “bouncing in the waves” and my mom on the beach. My mom, who is always doing something, going somewhere, planning something…and who doesn’t enjoy lounging around on the sand.

“Did you get a suntan?” Maga’s voice broke into my reverie.

“No! But then again, I didn’t want one.”

“I suppose it is a weird time of year for a tan.”

“Well that and the sun is dangerous. I didn’t want to expose my skin.”

“Yes, those ultraviolet rays can be trouble.”

“You can say that again.”

“It’s fun that you had a little winter vacation. April is often cold and rainy.”

It’s true. April often has a bit of an identity crisis (is it a winter or spring month?) and so this trip, this break from my real life was oh so needed and the fact that tonight we covered variations of these topics more often than I reapplied sunscreen last week, didn’t bother me as it’s nothing but a joy¬†to journey back to the sun drenched days I spent in St. Maarten.



April 2, 2019

“Have you spoken to any relatives lately,” Maga asked.

“Not in person, but on text messages and FaceTime, yes.”

“Oh, those phones these days.”

“You got it.”

“Have you spoken to your mother lately? How’s she doing?”

“Busy with the [College] record book.”

“Oh, yes. That is keeping her so busy, isn’t it?”

“Did you work on your [College] reunion record book?”

“No, your mother’s a bit more involved than I am.”

I laughed, but was then struck by the truth of her words. At the honesty. At the authenticity.

[Which I recognized due to all prior conversations + visits + recent chats with my mother and her siblings, which mostly occurred while we were there for her 98th birthday.]

Grandparents can be more honest with their grandkids because there’s a level of distance there. You can be a more authentic version of yourself because you don’t have to be perfect, because you’ve had time to come to terms with yourself, because you’re not the one in charge. It’s the same as being an aunt/uncle. [Which rocks!] You can support the younger generation while knowing they’re in the best hands – their parents’ – so all you have to do is provide the fun, the sunshine, the love.