from O.L.D. to new

while i may be a word girl, occasionally i get a grasp on some numbers. it’s happened again, so i figured i should jump on it. here’s how those numbers break down:

(1) i’m a writer. allegedly.
(2) i need to join the 21st century.
(3) i have an “online diary” (affectionately known as the O.L.D.), but it’s time for a blog. so that’s why i’m here. however, i don’t want to lose my original writings, so i’m going to post them one by one from oldest to most current with the original “written on” dates on them…..then once those are here, i’ll add my new thoughts, musings, mumblings (oh wait, that’s only when i speak aloud), comments, concerns, interests, etc.
(4) so a great big welcome to you and me.

carry on.