i’m thankful for a full house, no privacy, constant action, tae kwan do practice, new recipes, new heights, long walks, laughter, generations of family, seeing how I’m like my mother, sister E is like brother G, niece MMM is like sister E, learning, reading, goodnight hugs, our hearts all beat with the same blood.

me: “why are there 2 girls and 4 boys in that dance?” nephew A: “because there are.” when did he become the adult with the short clipped answers and when did i become the kid with the pointless questions?

different time zone. different climate. same crazy morning bed head.

chihuly exhibit. swirls of glass. sunbursts of glass. cotton candy puffs of glass. an ocean of glass. a mountain of talent. all made by the breath and touch of humans. gasps of awe stuck in my throat. daytime light vs twilight. seeing the same things drenched in a different perspective.


misplaced dreams

i stood there in between two columns of men, both realtors, both talking shop. back and forth my head swiveled like at a tennis match. “what you need is an emotional seller,” he (not my realtor) said. “someone who wants their home not to go to an investor.” i agreed but this day, this market? they’ve always gone with the highest bid, not the highest sympathy bid. i’m placing bets on unicorns.

a sunday day of massive productivity equaled a night where my brain wouldn’t shut off and the dreams spilled from one into the next into the next into the next into my consciousness. i wished i could stay awake because it’d be more restful than those dreams of heavy handfuls of lotion, of late arrivals, of misplaced clothes, of delayed planes, of walking with a limp.

i was doctoring my decaf americano when i heard, “oh, [bleep].” his voice was louder than it needed to be, but a quick glance over revealed he had earbuds in. the top of the honey bottle was now in his coffee and without a top to stop it, the rest of the honey in the bottle was galloping into his cup. he fished it out with one of the wooden coffee stirrers and returned it to an employee. i suppose this rainy day needed some extra sweetness.

i thought the rain was supposed to stop hours ago.


frozen words, warm heart

the way the temperature drops and your words puff out white hanging on the air tangible proof your words matter.

organizing my scarf drawer, re-discovering the wool treasure my sister in law made me and, realizing it matches perfectly with my current outfit. that extra layer of warmth and love allows me to cling to autumn for another day as it beefs up my fall weight jacket.

hot chocolate with marshmallows.

a christmas carol ringtone.

listening and plotting and figuring out gifts for those on my christmas list.

having a spare 15 minutes and sitting down to write instead of playing candy crush.


new years resolution

my new year’s resolution is to re-read all seven of the HARRY POTTER books. it’s past time i did this. also, this is a very attainable goal, which is exactly how i like my resolutions. who’s with me? also, i’m making my resolution now because you know me, i’m the opposite of a procrastinator.

i need a thesaurus for the word resolution. i’ve now used it four times in seven sentences.




at the day job, a vendor wrote to me in a panic because she thought they’d ordered the stamping die with the author’s first name rather than last. i explained that the author is asian and following custom, the surname is written first and first name last, so the name on all my documents and the subject line of the email and the stamping die was right. she thanked me for the education.

at a celebratory dinner for a friend, we all ordered burgers. i ate the pickles first, per usual. he ate two of the three pickles first and saved one for the end. “a palate cleanser,” he said. “you should start and end the meal that way. pickle, burger, pickle.” i thanked him for the education.

my pen pal said, “you just need to dive in” in response to my panicked “i’m scared of buying a condo even though i’ve been looking for one for six full months now. i don’t think i can do it.” he followed it up with “youtube is a great source of home improvement videos + you have all of us.” i thanked him for the education(al reminders).

scrolling through instagram, i stumbled upon this delightfully cheeky image.

i want to thank the photographer for her creativity that reminds me to keep looking at things/situations/events from new angles.