convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #39

i’m talking with strangers … details on why.

it was a gorgeous summer evening and i was enjoying it on the walk home. i wasn’t the only one taking advantage of the nice weather, as there were tons of boats out on the water. most were far, sailing merrily in the evening.

but one was close. so close in fact, i made eye contact with one of the two guys in the boat. we both did a double take as we realized we were both looking.

me: *waves*

boy #1: come on down!

me: *smiles*

boy #2: *mouth forms words but i can’t hear them over my ipod.*

me: *removes earbuds* what?

boy#2: i’ll catch you.

me: oh, i bet you would. *laughs* you boys have a nice evening now.

they continued to sail along side me as i crossed the river. i enjoyed their company and their bravado and couldn’t help but wonder what really would have happened if i had said “okay” and jumped?

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guest post: david rakoff

david rakoff was an essayist, a journalist and a frequent contributer to NPR’s “this american life.” he passed away on august 9th.

as is wont to happen when someone passes away, their best moments are quickly strewn across the internet. like this post (yes, about writing. sorry to bore you all non-writers out there). i was blown away by the honesty. and the truth of it.

it’s pretty much how i feel, but thought i wasn’t allowed to feel that way.


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convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #38

i’m talking with some strangers … here’s why,

i was in the righthand lane and a big truck was in the left. we were both stopped at a red light. with green, i pressed the accelerator, as did the guy to the left of me.

the next thing i knew, he was veering into my lane. in a slight panic, i removed my foot from the gas and left it off both pedals as i attempted to assess the situation, i.e. guess what the F he was doing in that much bigger car than mine.

the night time temperatures were lovely and as such, i had my windows rolled down. there was nothing on the radio but commercials, so i had turned it off.

him: “sorry!”

it was soft, but unexpected as it floated through my open window and he jerked his car back into his lane and blessedly away from mine. one doesn’t expect to have a conversation with the driver of another car whilst driving, but i will admit, the recognition and admittance of his poor driving skills was appreciated, not to mention, i was super glad to have my car untouched and able to zoom off into the night.

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too much

having long distance family feels slightly less long distance with today’s technology.

facetime with baby mac

it’s quickly become a sunday afternoon tradition — spending time together via apple’s facetime — because life moves fast and the kids grow with each passing day and i’m just trying to keep up as best i can from afar.

when sister J overfills a bowl of cereal and mutters “oops, too much,” and baby mac counters, “but mommy, i want too much,” that’s what i’m going for.

too much of the screen getting flipped around, getting put on mute, staring at the ceiling while sister J lays the phone down to put shoes on her daughter, listening to bubba mac babble and coo, chatting with sister J while baby mac shuts the doors and windows of her play house, watching baby mac dance around, pour water from a bottle into a container, “feed” me swedish fish, and/or her (accidentally) hanging up on me because it’s all those little moments of every day silliness that make up the big picture of family.

i want too much, too.

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