convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #38

i’m talking with some strangers … here’s why,

i was in the righthand lane and a big truck was in the left. we were both stopped at a red light. with green, i pressed the accelerator, as did the guy to the left of me.

the next thing i knew, he was veering into my lane. in a slight panic, i removed my foot from the gas and left it off both pedals as i attempted to assess the situation, i.e. guess what the F he was doing in that much bigger car than mine.

the night time temperatures were lovely and as such, i had my windows rolled down. there was nothing on the radio but commercials, so i had turned it off.

him: “sorry!”

it was soft, but unexpected as it floated through my open window and he jerked his car back into his lane and blessedly away from mine. one doesn’t expect to have a conversation with the driver of another car whilst driving, but i will admit, the recognition and admittance of his poor driving skills was appreciated, not to mention, i was super glad to have my car untouched and able to zoom off into the night.

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6 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #38”

    1. i would have settled for not getting hit. the apology was icing on the cake, not to mention, an acknowledgement that i wasn’t just experiencing road rage. he was actually driving not so smartly.

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