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February 12, 2019

“I’m watching something really wild on TV,” Maga said.

“What’s that?”

“It’s red and white.”

“What? That does sound wild!”

“It’s hard to keep up with things these days.”

“Trust me. It’s hard even if you’re not almost 98.”

“Is it? Oh, good.”

We then covered the weather and family news (trips and roads and fender benders) as the snow fell softly outside. It felt right that I was experiencing weather with the woman who always asks me about it.

“Well, that’s about all the family news I have,” Maga said. “Have you heard from anyone lately?”

“Just the Seattle crew. They’re getting crazy snow right now. A lot more than we are.”

“Oh. I had heard about that today.”

We discussed the details of more family news (lumps of snow and lumps on ankles and igloos) and ended with a promise to see each other next month.

“You sound good. Keep it up,” Maga said.

“You too,” I replied.



February 5, 2019

“Are there lots of exhibits there?” Maga asked.

“Oh, yes. Tons.”

“I’ve only been to Disneyland.”

“That came after Disney World.”

“Are you sure? I thought Disneyland was first.”

“I’m pretty sure World was first.”

We’d had this conversation or a version of it three times and I was about to google it when Sister E piped up that Land was first. Maga was right. I was wrong.

That’s what happens when you’re sharing a hotel room with three other people. They can hear your conversation without even trying. Unlike Maga who, again, didn’t have her hearing aids in and required a five minute explanation/repetition of the title of the movie Toy Story (best part of the park(s) so far!)

“Have you been to Disneyland,” Maga asked.


“I think the CA one came before the FLA one…”

What also happens is that Maga keeps needling a topic until you’ve actually agreed with her, agreed with her just to be able to change the topic, or found the true answer. Now if that isn’t making proper use of Disney Magic, you can take away my Mickey ears.