convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #120

PHL airport

I’d been traveling for approximately 9.5 hours already and still had one more flight to go before I could rest my weary head on my own pillow. I decided I’d earned a snack. I grabbed a bag of Chex Mix snack mix.

Lady worker: *eyes my snack* Would you like a drink with that?

Me: Oh, no thanks. I’ve got a water bottle already.

Lady worker: That’ll be $4.

Me: *pauses while pulling out cash to sneeze into the crook of my elbow*

Lady worker: Bless you. We have tissues and allergy medicine for sale over there. *winks*

Me: *smiles* You’re a good salesman, but I’m all set on that front too.

And with that transaction completed, I returned to my gate where the plane had begun boarding and I was one step closer to home.


time difference

L: I just had a long dream about your wedding! Your hubbie is hot. You only dated a few months. You sis ([Sister J]) couldn’t get ready on time. I had to go pick her up with my work badge. We kept eating a lot of cookies. I also didn’t have time to do my hair so only one side was curly. Please don’t judge me in the pics. You’ll have to tell the full story.

It was 9:30pm Saturday night when the texts came through.

Texts which started out dreamy and ended up in reality as we covered updates in our love lives, reading lives, and work lives.

L: I’m in Myanmar/Burma as we speak for work.

Me: What time is it there?

L: 9am Sunday. Hence I just woke up when I texted you. I had to share!

Me: Oh!! The dream was fresh.

And so may be my love life now that I’m armed with book recommendations, real life advice, and gave some honest answers to tough questions. Dating is partially about getting to know another person, and partially about getting to know yourself. For now, it’s enough to be able to give a small update, to explain that I am trying, I am doing, and her supporting, sharing, encouraging. Two friends separated by too many countries to count united by dreams and technology.

L: I gotta run. Off to the market. Thanks for the chat. You entertained me over breakfast.

As she started her day, I ended mine and headed to bed, reaching for the tendrils of her dream, hoping they (and he) would be within reach.