book club

THE BIG FIX arc tour

book 1: IN A FIX

book 2: QUICK FIX

book 3: THE BIG FIX (releases may 12, 2015)

the third book in linda grimes’ series has a new look, but contains the same screwball cast of characters whom you should all know and love as much as i do. all the characters grimes has created are so real and fully developed (*snicker*), you feel as though they’re part of your inner crowd. they’re cool, hip, awkward, and downright hilarious. this book hits just the right amount glamour to sweep you away from reality and shock to bring you back down to earth before you forget you left the curling iron on… essentially, what you need to know is that ciel is up to her usual shenanigans until she does something that will make you scream NO NO NO or YES YES YES but definitely SERIOUSLY, DID THAT JUST HAPPEN?! it’s the twist to end all twists and you won’t see coming, except you will, but not quite, but it’s believable, and beyond shocking, and SERIOUSLY DID THAT JUST HAPPEN, and please read this book so we can talk about it!

moral of this review: every one of these characters are people you want in your life, so i suggest buying the first two books and pre-ordering the third. you won’t regret it. i’ll be over here biting my nails waiting for you to catch up on the series + news of the fourth FIX.


an M3 original

niece M is uber talented. she painted this when she was 8.

M3 cat 2010

and this when she was 12.

M3 cow 2014

so you see why i requested an M3 painting of my own, right?

well, finally, finally, MY WISH HAS BEEN GRANTED. my very own M3 original!!!!!!!

M3 books

while i’m obsessed with her work with animals, this is so very me. i mean, BOOKS. they’re my lifeblood. animals and me? we don’t really get along. and, as luck would have it, there has been a spare nail in the wall since i moved in (three years ago) which is the perfect place to hang this priceless piece of art.

i am so happy.


hugs and thank you notes

in the battle to capture and keep a 4yo’s attention, i told her when it was my turn for a goodnight hug, i expected 12. she obliged and then asked for 17 more. i requested her assistance in counting. she obliged and asked for 25 more. we counted and snuggled and giggled. she asked for seventy-ninety more. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 hugs in rapid succession, a long 7th one, 8, 9, 10, 1112131415163059867 blurred slurred blended 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 plus a good night kiss to seal the deal.

my west coast family sends the most amazing thank you notes which makes my word-loving self warm. my name appears in a bold splash of crimson at the top and within each of the hand folded parts, a family member’s handwriting appears. my niece and nephews’ ages are unveiled by the size of their letters. the truth of their thoughts bleeds through from the heavy weight of their pencils (plus brother G and sis in law M detailed their kids’ reactions).

re-reading the letters and remembering the seventy-ninety hugs will keep me cozy these frigid winter nights.


christmas eggs

left in the wake of AC’s departure, someone had to step to the stove. i’d been entrusted with the christmas eggs recipe, so i was the logical choice. after whisking and stiring and steaming and worrying and checking, the end product was not far off. after plating the eggs for my fellow writing retreaters, i sat down to a text message from her:

“don’t forget the special ingredient: love.”

i quickly texted back, “how about fear?”

i was only half kidding. AC is a killer in the kitchen and a giant when it comes to writing and is it any surprise she’s one of my main role models? but with her presence no longer here at #rockportwriting, i only had myself to rely on. i was in charge of seasoning my story and stirring the plot of the christmas eggs. there was no room for fear. only action.

and then this morning, we were faced with a lot of leftovers and only a half planned morning meal. the ingredients for christmas eggs were still in abundance, so i volunteered to whip up another batch. this time, i was in control. i gripped the spatula and added patience and love to taste.