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i first “met” linda on twitter. i quickly became enamored with her humor, but it was her generosity that impressed me the most. she consistently makes the blog rounds and comments on my (little) blog, even though she’s got bigger things to do and more important blogs to read. she knows how to make a girl feel special. and that’s all without ever having met me offline!

so when the call went out for participants for an ARC (advanced reader copy) tour,  i jumped up and down and waved my arms and flailed in what i hope was a flattering manner because, man, did i want to be a part of that. not only did i want to do whatever i could to support linda’s debut book, but selfishly, i really really really want to read that story.

she picked me! and when the book came my way, i took a deep breath and dove right on in.

you guys. you’re going to adore this book. it’s everything i hoped it’d be. it’s full of fascinating people, crazy situations, and even more hilarious solutions to get out of those situations.  but the best part of all is that despite her unusual abilities, ciel is completely relatable.

she’s just a girl who’s trying to get the job done while looking cute, remaining independent, and nursing a crush on an unattainable guy. she may not always look like herself, but her personality shines through and draws the guys (and the readers) in like any good magnet would.

don’t even try to resist.

the story is fast paced, complete, and yet leaves the door (and the readers’ hearts) open for more.

the only tragedy here? that we have to wait so long to see what awaits ciel next!

thanks for letting me be a part of the tour and thanks for acknowledging my status as a winner with the debutante ball’s own ARC contest.

oh, sheesh, i almost forgot the BEST PART OF THIS POST. you can buy linda’s book at the bookstore nearest you! TODAY. yup. it’s available right this very minute. what are you waiting for? go. Go. GO BUY IT. you won’t regret it.


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