too much

having long distance family feels slightly less long distance with today’s technology.

facetime with baby mac

it’s quickly become a sunday afternoon tradition — spending time together via apple’s facetime — because life moves fast and the kids grow with each passing day and i’m just trying to keep up as best i can from afar.

when sister J overfills a bowl of cereal and mutters “oops, too much,” and baby mac counters, “but mommy, i want too much,” that’s what i’m going for.

too much of the screen getting flipped around, getting put on mute, staring at the ceiling while sister J lays the phone down to put shoes on her daughter, listening to bubba mac babble and coo, chatting with sister J while baby mac shuts the doors and windows of her play house, watching baby mac dance around, pour water from a bottle into a container, “feed” me swedish fish, and/or her (accidentally) hanging up on me because it’s all those little moments of every day silliness that make up the big picture of family.

i want too much, too.

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8 thoughts on “too much”

    1. it’s such a fun and weird and silly and chaotic (well, if you’re talking to a 2yo) thing. i love technology! and i bet your daughter loves it too.

    1. isn’t she?

      with her face filling the screen (well, for about 2 seconds anyways) i was trying to make her laugh, hence the sunglasses. she makes me sillier. :)

  1. Baby Mac love love loves our weekly chats! She always asks to talk to you and while part of it may be a ploy to get more swedish fish to share with you, mostly it is just that talking with aunt Abby is so much fun! Glad you got to share in our tea party today!

    1. Whatever the reason, I’m glad she enjoys talking to me as much as I do with her. What a bright shining sun she is in my life.

    1. I know, right? My point exactly….they grow up so fast! I’m just trying to keep up the best way I know how. :)

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