guest post: david rakoff

david rakoff was an essayist, a journalist and a frequent contributer to NPR’s “this american life.” he passed away on august 9th.

as is wont to happen when someone passes away, their best moments are quickly strewn across the internet. like this post (yes, about writing. sorry to bore you all non-writers out there). i was blown away by the honesty. and the truth of it.

it’s pretty much how i feel, but thought i wasn’t allowed to feel that way.


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2 thoughts on “guest post: david rakoff”

  1. You’re allowed to feel however you feel. :)

    You know what? It does get harder…but only because our expectations of our own abilities become so much greater over time. We do get better…but then we want to be better still. Which is good, I think. Keeps us from settling for less.

    1. i know, i know, but sometimes i forget i’m allowed to feel negative emotions as well as the good ones. and you’re right (as usual) about the increasing expectations of ourselves which serves to make sure we settle for nothing less than our very best.

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