i’m thankful for a full house, no privacy, constant action, tae kwan do practice, new recipes, new heights, long walks, laughter, generations of family, seeing how I’m like my mother, sister E is like brother G, niece MMM is like sister E, learning, reading, goodnight hugs, our hearts all beat with the same blood.

me: “why are there 2 girls and 4 boys in that dance?” nephew A: “because there are.” when did he become the adult with the short clipped answers and when did i become the kid with the pointless questions?

different time zone. different climate. same crazy morning bed head.

chihuly exhibit. swirls of glass. sunbursts of glass. cotton candy puffs of glass. an ocean of glass. a mountain of talent. all made by the breath and touch of humans. gasps of awe stuck in my throat. daytime light vs twilight. seeing the same things drenched in a different perspective.

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