bits and pieces

it only took seven days in the suburbs of seattle for me to become impervious to rain. i walked out tonight into the drizzle and didn’t dash back inside for an umbrella. i put my hood up and continued onward. if only east coast rain would adopt this west coast attitude.

maga told me tonight: “nana [my great-grandmother] loved to write. she was a great letter writer. she enjoyed writing. she really did. i have no doubt you inherited that from her.”

i am a jumble of thinking and feeling and missing and wanting from my recent trip. i need a colander to sort through it all. i also want my family not to be so far flung because they are awesome and i want them near me every day.

6 thoughts on “bits and pieces”

  1. I want our family to be closer too! We all love WAY too far apart. And that is awesome that you inherited your writing from Nana :)

        1. just like you got used to the warmer south, your blood would thicken and get used to the cooler north. plus, you wear lots of layers. DO IT.

  2. Abby- I am so pleased to stumble across your beautiful writing! Many yrs ago, I babysat for you, G and J- you were about ages 3-6 in those years. I am one of the 12 people in the world who’s not on Facebook so if you ever get a chance to drop me an email, pls do – I’d love to hear more about you and your older sibs!

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