at the day job, a vendor wrote to me in a panic because she thought they’d ordered the stamping die with the author’s first name rather than last. i explained that the author is asian and following custom, the surname is written first and first name last, so the name on all my documents and the subject line of the email and the stamping die was right. she thanked me for the education.

at a celebratory dinner for a friend, we all ordered burgers. i ate the pickles first, per usual. he ate two of the three pickles first and saved one for the end. “a palate cleanser,” he said. “you should start and end the meal that way. pickle, burger, pickle.” i thanked him for the education.

my pen pal said, “you just need to dive in” in response to my panicked “i’m scared of buying a condo even though i’ve been looking for one for six full months now. i don’t think i can do it.” he followed it up with “youtube is a great source of home improvement videos + you have all of us.” i thanked him for the education(al reminders).

scrolling through instagram, i stumbled upon this delightfully cheeky image.

i want to thank the photographer for her creativity that reminds me to keep looking at things/situations/events from new angles.

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