reason #45 why i love twitter

it allows you to be silly.

exhibit A:

clearly she meant my guess of EVERBROCCOLI.

or perhaps she meant the actual title of the sequel, which is EVERBOUND, and which was the second guess made by one of her followers!


8 Responses to “reason #45 why i love twitter”

  1. lindagrimes Says:

    Nah, it has to be EVERBROCCOLI, because it rocks. I mean, EVERBOUND is good, but it’s no EVERBROCCOLI.

  2. adriana (@adicloud) Says:

    EVERBROCCOLI!!!! I love it! :))

  3. Sister J Says:

    You crack me up too! And Mom. We got a big laugh out of EVERBROCCOLI!! Love your sense of humor!

  4. Rachel Says:

    This is hilarious. and why yes I am poking around the blog

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