conversations with strangers #30

i’m talking to strangers… here’s why.

me: can i have a decaf, iced, tall americano?

him: *laughs* cool. *laughs*

me: *bemused expression*

him: that order just makes me want to laugh.

me: i hope in a good way.

him: yes, right on. *collects himself* what was that order again?

me: *repeats order*

him: cool.

my drink arrived and the side of laughter made the coffee taste a lot less bitter. a fine way to start the day.


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9 Responses to “conversations with strangers #30”

  1. lindagrimes Says:

    Fun! That’s a great way to start the day. :)

  2. adriana (@adicloud) Says:

    Cool! *laughs*

  3. Bria Quinlan Says:

    Maybe he’d been smoking the Americano beans.

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