growing up, awkwardly

i realize that in the grand scheme of things i am quite young. i have a lot left to learn. but you can’t deny that i have a bit of knowledge stored in this brain of mine. even if it is a tad unbalanced.

for instance, my conversations this weekend ranged from mortgages to reality TV. from savings accounts to “that’s what the kids are calling it.” from wedding invitations to my obsession with twitter. from vintage wines to blue raspberry slushes. from current love affairs to celebrity crushes. from washing machines and clotheslines to the sexiest bras. from taxes to toilet paper. from splitting the check to sugar cookies. from student loans to one drink too many. from compost piles to high school memories. from donations to double dipping. from directions home to salt and pepper shakers. from budgets to bud light aluminum cans. from car parts to that’s what she said.

i think i’m headed, albeit wobbly, in the right direction. i just hope that along the way i don’t lose my silly side. because adult conversations, while necessary, can be a bit dry. and who doesn’t like to get wet every now and then?

(looks like i’ve got some growing left.)

4 thoughts on “growing up, awkwardly”

  1. Lets hope we all do, because if you reach the point where you think you are done learning, whats the point of hanging around?

    Besides I am really enjoying life now.

    1. there’s a fine line between growing up (maturing) and growing wiser (always learning). i certainly hope to fall in the latter group, always.

  2. I’m with Kelly on this–when you stop learning, you may as well stop living. Learning is what keeps the mind young and flexible long after the body starts to go to pot. ;)

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