an exciting new technological adventure

big things are afoot and i, GASP,  have twitter to thank.

kelly’s done such a fine job of explaining it, i’ll let her have the stage. click HERE.


6 Responses to “an exciting new technological adventure”

  1. Linda G. Says:

    Looks like all kinds of fun–can’t wait to see which books y’all come up with.

    • mumfusa Says:

      it is already shaping up to be all kinds of fun. i can’t wait until the big reveal. especially since we coerced poor Cynthia to read something very out of her comfort zone.

  2. Emily Says:

    Is it something I have read/will want to read? :) :D

  3. Kelly Breakey Says:

    It will be terrifically awesome and someday hopefully soon, your book will be one our topics of discussion.

    I am so excited I can’t hardly stand myself.


    • mumfusa Says:

      aww, you’re too kind.

      and also, HECK YEAH. i’m so excited for the first book that i’ve already started my review. :)

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