flight [home] of the conchords

today’s the 14th and before we go any further at all, i want to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DR. carrie.

with that on the table, can you guess where in the world i am? anyone? bueller? bueller?

you probably guessed italy. and you’d be WRONG because by the time you’re reading this, it’s approximately, oh i don’t know, afternoon time in europe which means i am currently winging my way back to the US with a quick stop over in frankfurt. and by quick stop, i mean a 2 hour layover. that should give me enough time to see all the germanic sights. or well, give me plenty of time to work my way through the terminal to the plane that will deliver me back to boston.

speaking of flights, here’s a little treat to distract you from how much you miss me.

classy, no? (side note to TB, thank you for introducing that to me).

speaking of thank you’s, the reason you’re even able to read this is because i am now privy to the “scheduling” capabilities of wordpress. and how do i know about it? that’d be because of patty blount (she of twitter and book hungry fame). all together now, kids, THANKS, PATTY.

and all of this means that i can wish one of my besties a happy birthday, since i can’t do that from italy or germany or an airplane. also, i wished her a happy day now because there’s a large chance that when i touch down in boston, i’ll be so delirious, i won’t know what day it is, what time it is, or who i am, much less that i’m supposed to be wishing people happy birthdays and many mores.

did somone say s’more?

yum. go get one! and save some for me.

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