love (just beginning).

i’m a sucker for a love story. a good one. a cheesy one. a sappy one. a romantic one. a cute one. an old one. a new one. one that’s been a long time coming. it’s probably because i don’t have one of my own.


i especially like to hear the stories of how people met in case it gives me an idea of something new to try.

oh, you met in college? darn, i’ve already graduated. from undergrad AND grad school.

oh, you met at the laundromat? the only guy i see is the homeless man who offers to carry my laundry in. i’ve just carried it 3.5 blocks, sir, i can manage these last 15 feet. maybe i’ll try the one in your neighborhood?

oh, you met while you were abroad? i was just in italy! i didn’t meet any single men under the age of 40.

oh, you met at the bar? i went bar hopping last night/last weekend/last month. didn’t come across any winners. but did you know the octoberfest beers are out now? yeah, goodbye summer, hello fall.

oh, you met at work? everyone i work with is married. or is old enough to be my father.

oh, you met online? which site? yeah, tried that one. ok, i’ll try it again. maybe could you read my profile before i post?

oh, you met in the produce section of the grocery store? my friends are due back soon, so i’ll have a reason to go to that section of the store again.

oh, you met on the airplane? i have a few flights coming up, surely i’ll get a good seatmate. or at least one that will STOP CALLING ME, SHIRLEY.

but what i really adore are the stories of lasting love. and couples laughing together. and supporting one another. the latest story to melt my heart is here. it’s EXACTLY the type of story i want to cuddle up in bed with. it contains love. humor. sauciness. a couple just starting out. and how they entertained each other when they had nothing to rub together but their imaginations.

so while i continue to search for my love story, tell me yours.

12 thoughts on “love (just beginning).”

  1. Awwww. Thanks. :)

    Hang in there. You’ll find your soul mate someday, probably when you’re just cruising along, living life, and not expecting anything special. Life is quirky like that.

    1. patience is a virtue, right?

      so in the meantime, i’ll continue collecting the love stories of others. it’s what i do. i make lists. i wait. saucy, no?

  2. You already know how Husband and I met, so I won’t repeat myself :) But I’ll tell you this random thing: my father proposed to to my mother on April 1, which, yes, is celebrated in Bulgaria the same way it’s celebrated here :)) And they are still married.

  3. I met my husband when we were both in high school. We had a bump in the road at one point, but he’s been my guy for over thirty years…twenty-two of them married. I’m not saying this to make you feel bad but to let you know when it’s right, you know it. For me it was when I was 17…you have to wait for your time. But it will happen. <3

    1. Over 30 years together is just the type of story I enjoy. If I’m going to reach a milestone like that, I’m going to have to have to find a guy who really doesn’t mind me being old and wrinkly. :)

      Congrats to you and your hubby

      1. Thanks and he’s super cute too. People always ask if I model my book characters after anyone and I say yes, there are some composites, but if I had to say one person who always turns up in some form, it’s my hubby. Don’t start speculating, but my hero’s compassionate, sweet, kind side…which always emerges toward the end…is my husband to the ground.

        Don’t worry about age. When you find a guy like him he won’t even see the wrinkles. You will always be beautiful.

      2. so you’re saying your books have a bit of where’s waldo in them, hmmm? and by waldo, i mean the compassionate, sweet, kind side of the hero. i can’t wait to read more!

  4. Abby – At the request of three of my children I’ve begun writing the recollections I have of your grandmother Rosemary. I’m not sure how your Dad feels about this but you might ask him to forward my emails – so far I’ve written 2 covering from march to June 1946. Hopefully more to come. Love, grandpa

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