gather round, kids. it’s story time with aunt abby.

once upon a time some peeps were tweeting.


and karla

it might have been their close proximity to one another (ish. florida’s a big state!) or perhaps it was their shared sense of humor or maybe it was a result of too much sunshine, but they hatched a plan. a writing plan. to create a story and volley it back and forth with each one trying to trump and stump the other.

they blogged and they bantered and they chuckled and they chatted and they wrote and they wrote and they wrote and it the midst of it all, i fell in love.

*gasps, sighs, cries, waves of horror from the audience*

i know, i know, calm down. you’d know if i had a BF in real life. but it’s a fictional love. wait, no, my adoration of lucky isn’t fake, it’s just that he’s fake, well, no, wait, not like silicone breasts fake, but like fiction fake which isn’t false at all, but really, he’s not someone i could take home to meet mom and dad. (though i could tell them, and YOU, to click on kelly’s and karla’s names above so you too can read and know and love lucky or harper or owen or grace or truman).

so yeah, anyways, LUCKY. he rules. and how does kelly react to my outpouring of love for a character borne of hers and karla’s minds?

first, she gives me a cameo.

and then, SHE MAKES ME A T-SHIRT. and by t-shirt, i don’t mean a hanes t-shirt base with some puffy paint on it, though, come to think of it, that would be rad.

*gasps, sighs, cries, waves of jealousy from the audience*

you know what? let me just SHOW YOU what #teamlucky brings to the table.

my reaction upon opening the package (TWSS).

the front of the shirt (so don’t even think about stealing it, yo).

a little gem there on the sleeve.

isn’t it amazing!?!? and you haven’t even seen the best part of it, the back. i think this deserves a drum roll.

*audience obliges, floors/desks/tables rumble*

and now, i present to you without any further interruptions, THE AWESOMESAUCINESS!

what’s that? you want a close up?

isn’t it fantastic? isn’t she talented? aren’t i SO LUCKY? i bow down to her and her overflowing generosity and creativity.

*round of applause for kelly*

another point for team twitter. it’s keeping me well dressed.

8 thoughts on “#teamlucky”

    1. haha! both owen and truman are growing on me too, though if i had to pick one for grace, clearly it’d be lucky cause truman’s too much of a playboy.

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