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happy birthday, italian style

there are a lot of family birthdays in may. two of which are occurring RIGHT NOW while i’m in italy. my niece’s birthday was may 28 and my bro-in-law’s birthday is today. since i can’t be there to celebrate in person, i figured i’d dedicate this post to them.

all together now! (in italian:)

buon compleanno
buon compleanno
il caro dottore T e MMM di buon compleanno
buon compleanno.

(and now french:)

joyeux anniversaire
joyeux anniversaire
cher docteur T et MMM de joyeux anniversaire
joyeux anniversaire.

and now back to english:

happy happy
birthday birthday
dear Doctor T and MMM of happy happy
birthday birthday.

don’t you just love the way the interwebs translates?

here’s the original incantation:

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear doctor T and MMM
happy birthday to you.

have a fabulous day! we’ll toast to you, T, with some of the finest italian wines and to you, MMM, with gelato!

2 thoughts on “happy birthday, italian style”

    1. thanks, linda! i passed along the wishes and YES INDEED, i enjoyed both the wine and gelato!!! many many times.

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