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conversations with strangers #5

even though my mom taught me not to, here’s why i’m talking with strangers.

i was dining al fresco with mom, dad, and sister E in sorrento, italy. the patio was packed, so it felt like we were at a table for 16 rather than a table for four.

dad paid the bill. the waiter grinned at the tip left. (they sure loved us americans.)

waiter: he’s a good man.

mom: yes, he is. we’re been married 40 years this year.

man from the table next to us: i don’t mean to eavesdrop, but i have to say, congrats!

mom: thanks!

man: *gestures to wife* we’re at 33 years this year!

mom: congrats to you too as well!

man: thanks!

and with grins wide from wine and long lasting relationships, we left.

6 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #5”

    1. actually, i took some creative liberties with this conversation. in reality, we talked for quite a bit, this was just the start of it, but i was so charmed by the length of the relationships in discussion that i had to post it here.

      and hmmm, i just realized i wasn’t the one talking here. whoops! this should be “listening to strangers talk to my parents.”

  1. Hahahha I was going to say that’s not exactly how it went… :) especially since it really ended with you enthusiastically! saying “and here’s to 33 more wahoo!”

    1. i was so happy for them! and i wish someone would say that to me because it means i’ve reached 33 years with someone. i can’t wait!

  2. I love random conversations with strangers. Here where we live, we meet new people every time we go out on the water. And I mean, every time. Sometimes we have been lucky enough to cultivate friendships and other times we may never see them again. But you know what, kind words are always nice.

    Now I want to go to Italy and talk to strangers.

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