convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #6

even though my mom taught me not to, here’s why i’m talking with strangers.

i pulled into the grocery store parking lot and got out. unfortunately, my finger didn’t move as fast as the rest of me and as a result, got smashed in the car door.

a few seconds later, i could breathe through the pain, but looked at my finger and there was blood everywhere. i couldn’t exactly go into a store like that, so i plunked my purse onto the trunk of my car and got out tissue. i noticed someone out of the corner of my eye and it’s the guy putting away the shopping carts. he was making his way over to me (i parked next to the cart holding area), so i’m not exactly sure if he was just doing his job, coming over to comment on my stupidity, or was maybe going to offer some concern? when it was clear he had something to say, i looked away from my damaged finger and over to him.

him: i was just trying to read your jersey.

me: oh. um, well, it says devils lacrosse club.

him: are you a good player?

me: i was. this is from high school.

him: where was that?

me: new jersey.

him: oh, yes like the [new jersey devils] hockey team. are you going to play in the Olympics?

me: i wish. it’s not an Olympic sport yet.

him: it’s not? too bad.

i couldn’t agree more, and it has been a lifelong (unattainable) dream of mine to be in the olympics, but come on, look at me in this moment. i couldn’t be less of an Olympian. i just shut my own finger in the car door. clearly, i’m going to need some more time.

perhaps i’ll be ready for the 2016 summer Olympics.

and, for the time being, at least the guy took my mind off the incredible pain of my stupidity.

4 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #6”

  1. Do you think he was hitting on you? If yes, really poor timing :)) And also really bad pickup line :)

    Where are the 2016 summer Olympics? Because I have to be there to cheer you on, of course!

    1. oh, no. definitely NOT hitting on me. definitely was just curious about the shirt.

      the 2016 olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro!!!

    1. ha ha ha. i think the reason it hasn’t been accepted by the olympic board of trustees yet is because a chocolate event would be too slow. no one wants to race their way through chocolate and who really wants to watch you (or me) linger over the chocolate, making sure every last morsel is licked off their fingers?

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