familiar quotes

i was reading IMAGINARY GIRLS by nova ren suma when i came across this quote:

“…and our telephone voices were nearly indistinguishable, so she could pretend to be me or i could pretend to be her if we wanted to fool you into leaving a message.” pg.11

it describes sister E and i to a T. countless times i’ve answered the phone and the person on the other end will start talking to me as if i’m her and vice versa. we haven’t taken full advantage of it because the age gap between us means we haven’t lived under the same roof since 2003, but the next time i’m home for the holidays, i just may steal her cell phone…think of the prank calls i can make! *cackles*

and then i came across this passage and hello, sister J:

“[She] was a killer of a listener. The [girl] understood fragmented people.”
THE PIPER’S SON by melina marchetta, pg. 125

as for the eldest of the mumford children, brother G, well, this right here is him:

“He recalled Galloran stating that being a hero meant doing what was right regardless of the consequences.”
THE BEYONDERS by brandon mull, pg.420.

i don’t need to elaborate much because, well, brother G embodies everything that makes up a hero and it’s not just his kids who see him as super.

have you ever read anything that reminded you of someone you know?

12 thoughts on “familiar quotes”

  1. Your first quote reminds me of my daughter — when she still lived at home, people often mistook us for each other on the phone. I admit, I was tempted to engage some of her friends in conversation — as her (oh, the snooping possibilities!) — but I never did. I’d like to say it was honor on my part that kept me from doing it, but I suspect it was more the fear that she’d catch me at it. *grin*

    1. yeah, my conscience would probably stop me before i even attempted to pass my voice off as E’s…. dang parents raising me right.

  2. You are not coming anywhere near my phone! But yes, we are telephone twins and according to mom, and writing twins as well, although I personally think yours is nicer and neater. In attribute to your perfectionism :P

    1. i’ll give you the voices, yeah, we sound alike, but i find the handwriting thing odd because, no, they just don’t look alike (to me). and don’t worry, the only reason i’d take your phone is to play word twist.

  3. My sister and I also sound the same on the phone! Even my mom confuses us. One time, back in high school, I was on the phone with a boy, we got into an argument, I hung up on him and left for my piano lesson. He called right back, my sister picked up, told him I’m out. And he didn’t believe her that she wasn’t me, and kept telling her to stop messing with him :))

    I can’t think of any quotes right now that remind me of particular people… But there must be some! Btw I love the quote from The Piper’s Son! I need to reread that book.

    And what a cute photo of the Mumford kids! :)

    1. HA. the boy didn’t believe your sister wasn’t you. classic. but yet, it would have been really smart if it was you and you pretended it wasn’t. wise beyond your years, kirilova.

      and yes, THE PIPER’S SON was full of fantastic one liners. that was one a particular favorite.

  4. This was a sweet post, MOOmfy.

    No one gets me mixed up with my brother but I’m told that my mom and I have the same laugh and sense of humor. I’ve also been told that she’s funnier. Whatevs, she’s old.

    1. even though you’ve got the garbage in there, it wasn’t until i saw the MOOmfy that i realized this wasn’t spam. that and the three comments all at once. you’re keeping me on my toes.

      and if your mom is funnier than YOU, (a) how and (b) can i come over for family dinner?

      p.s. i’ve been saying it in my head as MOOfy. sans the second m. i don’t know now which i like better. they both make me giggle uncontrollably, so i guess the end result is the same no matter what the spelling.

  5. That’s the great thing about books. They can take you to far away places but when you go, you’re never alone. You can always take those closes to you just by seeing them in the characters you’re reading about. By the way it’s obvious you are the shortest of the Mumford clam, but I am going to go out on a limb and say with the biggest heart. Am I right?

    1. i’ve yet to find a bad thing about a book.

      and yes, i’m clearly the runt, but big hearts run in the family and i’ve got some good role models in how to use it!

  6. Wow Abs – thanks for the super compliment! Maybe I can brandish my superhero tights (with a huge “G” on the chest) in public now. I’m wearing them under my work clothes now, but there’s not a telephone booth in sight.

    1. If you wait until you see a telephone booth, we’ll all be waiting for a long time for the super hero to emerge. Then again, you in tights? Maybe it’s best to wait.

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