convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #9

i’m talking with strangers. here’s why.

i’m inching my way up the security line at the airport. for the first time, i am going paperless, so i have my phone out with the QR code boarding pass ready…

*looking at my phone, the security guard (SG) puts his pen down* *turns on a machine.* *indicates i should put my phone over it.*

me: *puts phone face down over scanning device.* *nothing happens.* like this?

SG: yes, but you shouldn’t have to hold it there that long. this thing is still warming up, i guess. *shuts off the machine.* *turns it back on.* that ought to do the trick.

me: *puts phone up for scanning.* *green light blinks.* restarting a machine works every time!

man behind me (MBM): is that an app for US Airways?

me: no, just my boarding pass. when i checked in, they emailed me a link and this is what opened when i clicked.

MBM: what’s next in the world of paperless things?

me: this was actually my first time without a paper boarding pass. i was nervous.

SG: *hands me my ID.* not related to mumford and sons, are you?

me:  i wish!

SG: yeah, they’re not doing too badly, are they? they won a grammy.

me: i know.

SG: have a good flight.

me: thanks. have a good day.

he turns to the MBM and i trudge on through the gauntlet of airport security.

10 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #9”

    1. well, if you’re OCD about your phone battery being charged (like me), you’ll never have to find out. plus, i had a paper boarding pass tucked away if all else failed. ;)

  1. see now, if it were me, I’d be all like, “If I am related to M&S do I get a free upgrade to first class?” ;)

    umm…is it just me or does that abbreviation look like a backwards S&M? how does one do S&M backwards? *ponders*

    1. i’m pretty sure the TSA agent has nothing to do with upgrading seats to first class, but then again, i’ve never flown it, so how would i know?

      and for the sake of innocent eyes that read my blog, i’m going to let you continue to ponder your second point while i slowly back away from it without commenting on it… ha.

  2. I just witnessed someone using their phone instead of a paper boarding pass this weekend. Yay paperless! Though I too would be worried that the phone might malfunction at the worst time, and then what? :)

    You should’ve lied about Mumford and Sons. “Yeah, I’m the daughter!” :)

    1. if only i could do a british accent, i could totally pass as a relative. maybe a cousin because i’m pretty sure if i was their daughter, i would have been born when the dad was still in diapers!

  3. I have been doing the paperless thing for a while. I really like my tech gadgets. Like you I have never worried about my battery running out. I have more than one for everything. Should I admit that out loud? Maybe not.

    BTW Karla’s comment totally cracked me up. Only she could S&M backwards. Sends my thoughts to a place I’d rather not go.

    1. i’ve found that only certain airlines allow the paperless boarding pass, which is mainly why i haven’t fully embraced it — because they haven’t either.

      and yes, leave it to karla to change the attitude of the conversation. :)

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