convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #14

talk to strangers? yes, indeed.

i was checking my mailbox when a neighbor walked into the apartment lobby. (this is a rare occasion because even though i have a very normal working schedule, it appears none of my neighbors do. i’ve probably run into two people the entire six months i’ve been here.) my initial reaction was to keep to myself and not bug her with any questions, but then my blog popped into my mind. i’ve been conversing with strangers (okay, fine, so what if they’re usually service people and they have to talk to me) for months now, this is it! time to take the training wheels off!

me: hi, have you lived here long? (*thinks to self* “hmm, slightly creepy opening. remedy it quick.”)

me again: i’m abby. i’ve been here since may.

her: *smiles* i’m [name redacted to protect the innocent]. i moved here in september.

me: i’m apartment [redacted].

her: i’m number [redacted].

me: oh, we must share a wall or something.

her: i bet we do. you’re very quiet. i never hear anything.

me: let me know if you do!

her: likewise.

the rest of the conversation revolved around our landlord, his response time when dealing with issues, and the things we did/didn’t like about our new places. i highly doubt my landlord or neighbor would ever read this, but just in case, it’s probably in my best interest to keep things vague.

and the real point here is that i did it!!! i initiated a conversation with a true stranger and the world didn’t end. nothing bad happened. in fact, good things came out of it. i met my neighbor. she was very nice.

and now the apartment building feels a teensy tiny wee bit more like home.

9 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #14”

    1. my other neighbors sound like they’re having their elephants on parade every night, so if i can avoid doing that for a different neighbor, i will sure try.

  1. it’s always a good thing when you meet a neighbor and find that they’re nice, normal people instead of someone who is probably showcased on America’s Most Wanted every other week. That would be awkward :)

    1. sidenote: for the first few months i lived at my house I was certain my neighbor was burying bodies in his back yard at night. come to find out his dog was very old and borderline incontinent, so he was forever let the dog out in the wee hours of themorning and then being the responsible pet owner he was, picking up after the dog. lesson learned: appearances can be very deceiving.

      also: karla is a big meanie. pass it on

    2. uh, yeah, that would be awkward. it’s also good to know that your imagination runs away with you like mine does. i feels a little less lonesome. also, VERY glad to hear your neighbor is responsible and caring instead of devious and dangerous!

      i mean, mr. rogers can’t be everyone’s neighbor, can he?

      i’m purposefully ignoring your p.s.

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