convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #15

strangers? talking to them? yes, sir.

i placed my to go order and headed over to the four available chairs to wait. there was a girl in one of the chairs, so i sat at the other end. this, however, placed me about 12 inches away from a couple eating their appetizers.

as easy as it would have been to join their conversation, that’s particularly rude and i don’t count that among my personality traits. i opened my magazine and commenced waiting.

*time passed*

girl employee to other girl employee: “is there an abby here?”

other girl employee to girl employee: “yes.”

i perked up and started to gather my things as they called out my name.

they handed me my dinner and there was a flurry of action behind the counter, but the girl made no move to ask me for money. before she questioned why i was lingering, i offered up my reason for doing so: “i never paid for this.”

girl: “oh wow, thanks for being so honest. most people would have just walked out without paying.”

me: “seriously?” i forked over my cash. “that’s insane.”

girl: “yeah, well. they would. they do. anyways, enjoy your food.”

me: “thanks. have a good night.”

i left pondering the possibility the girl had proposed. would most people really have left without paying? it never even occurred to me to do so, and in fact, i felt embarrassed the girl had to thank me for doing the right thing.

just then the steam from my meal rose up around me and my stomach growled. i stopped thinking and started walking faster because on a chilly winter night, a hot meal sure is better than a cold one.

13 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #15”

    1. it didn’t occur to me that they’d forgotten to ask me for payment. i just assumed i was to pay after i got the food.

        1. ooh, i like this idea of honesty karma. i also like the idea of a big heap of good karma coming my way. :)

  1. yes, A LOT of people would.

    related, side story: about five years ago, I was out christmas shopping with a friend. We wandered into bath and body works, spent an amazing amount of time (and money) in there and while we were at it, chatted up the cashier. I think our convo was too much for her to handle while ringing up purchases because I handed her my credit card and she handed it back with a mile long recpt. as we were leaving I looked at the recpt, stopped and said to my friend. “she didn’t charge me for any of this!” yep, the cashier while swiping my card had hit the cancel button on an order that shouldve been more than 70 bucks…so we had to go back in so i could pay. cuz….well, i’d just die if i accidentally did something like the cashier did and no one was honest enough to come back.

    also, the guilt would’ve eaten me alive….er…strike that comment from the record. mean people (like me) don’t have consciences.

    karlas a big meanie. pass it on.

  2. I believe in honesty karma too. If you get away with not paying for something (whether by walking out or register’s mistake or whatever), I’m sure you’ll get overcharged for something else soon after, or money will fall out of your pocket, or you’ll get food poisoning :)))

    1. that sounds more like evil karma, though i suppose that’s one definition of karma — what goes around comes around.

      question: if it was the restaurant’s mistake, why would i get charged with bad karma?

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