conversations with strangers #16

i talked to a stranger?!?!

adriana had momentarily stepped away leaving me manning the beers at the bar. when things like this happen, i’ve been doing my best not to pull out the phone, but to be present in the moment, look around the bar/restaurant, and be okay with sitting there alone.

(it’s beside the point that with my scarf and gloves stuffed into my purse, it took me 15 minutes to zip it up. i was NOT about to open my bag to get out my phone only to have to put it away upon adriana’s return.)

as it turned out, this was the perfect opportunity to ask the bartender about the DELICIOUS beer i was drinking. it was called otter creek black alpine IPA.

me: *points to the tap* where’s this beer from?

girl bartender: oh, umm, *pauses* i know this, but now that you’ve asked, i’m drawing a blank.

me: no worries. i was just curious because this beer is so good. i’ve never heard of it before.

girl bartender turns to boy bartender: do you know where this is from?

boy bartender: *opens menu* vermont.

me: thanks.

adriana returned and i reported my findings. we delighted in the fact that with the beer made in new england, it meant there’s a higher likelihood of me being able to find it again.

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10 Responses to “conversations with strangers #16”

  1. Adriana Kirilova Says:

    I forgot we took a picture! So smart we are :) I hope you do find it again!

  2. Linda G. Says:

    Good on you for not hiding behind your phone! And you learned something good, too. :)

    • abby mumford Says:

      it is difficult not to use the phone as a crutch, but look at what happens when i stand on my own two feet. huzzah!

  3. Karla Nellenbach Says:

    um…i’ve never heard of it before. but, well, im not in your neck of the woods. BUT, when you swing through my circle of hell, we can have some spicy monkeys(a specialty martini at this little hole in the wall bar i know…not an actual monkey. get your head out of the gutter!), but i warn ya, they’ve got a bite to them :)

  4. Emily Says:

    WAY TO INITIATE A CONVERSATION!!!!!!!! :) I’m a proud little sis :)

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