happy birthday, brother G

i mentioned january was a big month for us mumford kids and i wasn’t kidding.

TODAY is brother G’s birthday.

he’s the eldest of us and he’s forged the path to adulthood (all the way across the country!) with maturity and class.

brother G as the big bad wolf

and it’s that humor and grace i try to emulate on a daily basis, because, i mean he stole all the math genes and i have to work with what i’ve got. i can only hope that i’m 1/4 as successful as he is because every day, he charms a smile out of those he interacts with whether it’s coworkers, friends, his wife, or his kids. they’re all happier when he walks into a room.

and THAT is one of the most important successes in life.

happy birthday, G. here’s hoping i get more real life smiles instead of :) (digital ones) this year. (here’s to june!)


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4 thoughts on “happy birthday, brother G”

    1. seriously — couldn’t my parents have spread out the mathematical genes a little bit better? i could really have used some. but let’s focus on happier things, shall we? happy birthday, G!

  1. Very sweet, Abs. And I’m not sure why brother G didn’t reply to this post. He’s probably too busy developing the latest math theorem that I hear may just blow Pythagorus right out of history!

    1. thanks! and as long as he puts his overabundance of math skills to good use, i can look past the lack of response here. ha.

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