convos with strangers

“conversations” with strangers #25

i’m talking to strangers… here’s why.

i was walking down the sidewalk when i noticed a guy approaching along the same path i was. i shifted to the right to avoid running into him at the same time he shifted to the left.

we were still on a direct course for collision.

we both shifted the opposite way.

the space between us was narrowing.

i paused, made eye contact, and let him step in the direction he wanted. we didn’t exchange words, but the combination of my actions spoke volumes and that guy was reading the right one.

oh, the sidewalk tango (come on, we’ve all done it). fortunately this time, it didn’t end up as a sidewalk tangle as we passed by each other without physical harm.

(i can’t say the same for a week ago when i was walking down the hallway with adriana, but that’s another story for another day.)


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8 thoughts on ““conversations” with strangers #25”

  1. You know, these silent conversations we sometimes have with strangers are great lessons to apply to our writing, too. Our characters should experience the same thing from time to time, yes? It’s one more thing that can add dimension.

    1. very true! it appears this blog feature isn’t just for entertainment purposes, but i’m actually learning something. go figure.

    1. the words tango and tangled are oh so very close so i suppose we were oh so very close to avoiding our own collision. too bad we followed the word tangled instead of tango…. but yes, you’re right, it still makes me teeter on the border of insane laughter when i think about it.

    1. oooh, your land legs are back and so are your comments! hooray! also, very interesting to know, but yet, it makes perfect sense because those are the same rules of the road (and consequently, of the sidewalk) and usually, yes, i do alter to the right so they can pass on the left, but this guy apparently does drive or sail and thus got confused about the rules of the sidewalk.

      but i’m totally going to think “port to port” now when i’m walking down the sidewalk. there’s something very cool about pretending i’m a ship. (that made more sense in my head.)

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