sometimes someone else just says it better.

in this case, it’s victoria schwab and she’s talking about procrastination. she’s referencing how it relates to writing, but honestly, it relates to procrastination in general and i think you all should read it.

thank you, victoria, for putting these words in the order they’re in. it makes a lot of sense and eases my mind. not that you started out with that intention. you probably started out trying to figure out where you fit into all of it, but aren’t those the best moments? the ones where your self clarity is actually a general public self clarity. we can all relate.

have you clicked through to read it yet? here’s another chance.


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2 thoughts on “procrastination”

  1. I thought that was a great post too! Also, I’m fascinated by the whole “personal self-clarity vs public self-clarity” issue. I think it’s the same thing as what Cheryl Strayed was talking about when she said she had anxieties about being Sugar because all she had to offer these people were her own stories. But more often than not hearing someone else’s story explains your own story, doesn’t it.

    1. I think that’s the best type of story/post/novel/poem, the one that’s not about you but makes you realize something about yourself.

      That’s what’s so great about Cheryl/Sugar. Her truths make it feel like they’re ours.

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