think BIG

bria recently said: “Seriously, think big, huge and let other people rein you in!”

the comment wasn’t made to me specifically and i’m pretty sure it was made about writing, but i got to thinking about how it related to other areas in my life so here are some of my BIG dreams.

*become a storm chaser photographer. i mean, look at these! and this makes it seem not *too* difficult. forget the fact you have to read weather reports and do complicated math and have all sorts of photography equipment that i don’t own. this is totally attainable.

*see the northern lights

*go to thailand during Loi Krathong.

*own a pair of christian louboutin shoes.

*go backstage at a rock concert. CHECK!

what about YOU? what are some of your biggest, wildest, hugest, most outrageous, unrestrained and untamed dreams?

2 thoughts on “think BIG”

  1. back stage at a concert. definitely. so jealous of you…and that it was guster too. theyre one of my faves.

    other dreams (not writing related?): get a stamp (or six) in my passport book. my only out of the country experience so far has been canada…and that really doesnt count.

    1. guster is a fantastic band, no? going backstage to meet them (or any band) was a crazy experience. i recommend it. and getting stamps in your passport — that’s even more fun! i highly recommend it!

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