convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #31

i’m talking to strangers (or attempting to)… here’s why.

me: *places INSURGENT on the counter* *smiles*

her: oh, so you liked the first one?

me:  yes, very much. did you?

her: me too. i haven’t had a chance to read this one yet.

me: i’m pretty excited about it.

her: are you part of our customer rewards program?

me: yup.

her: what’s your last name?

me: mumford. *spells*

her: *types and types* *long pause* your first name?

me: abigail.

her: *types and types* *long pause* you said it was R-U-M-F-O-R-D?

me: oh, no. it’s MUMford with an M.

her: ah, yes. found you.

and with that second chance not to mumble, i was indeed found, rung up, and out the door with a book, which, incidentally, did not care how i spelled or spoke my last name.

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12 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #31”

    1. i do have to say that was a first. usually they hear the second “m” as an “n,” so i’ve gotten used to over enunciating that one, but it turns out it was at the expense of the first one!

    1. a rum spokesperson. hmm, only if i could wear one of those holsters with slots for all the little shot glasses.

      *giggles hysterically*

      i’m so not a liquor girl, but hey, thanks for the laugh on a dreary friday morning.

  1. Did you enjoy the book? I, having an abundance of time to read while nursing bubba Mac these days, just finished insurgent. I am interested in hearing your thoughts on it!!

    1. i haven’t read it yet. i’m taking my sweet time with BITTERBLUE. i mean, it was a long wait for her! i’ll let you know once i’ve finished INSURGENT. do you need more book recommendations?

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