convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #32

i’m conversing with strangers … here’s why.

i was waiting in an odd shaped line that was more a grouping of people than a queue. i eyeballed the crowd trying to figure out if they were all one party or if they were all super excited to be purchasing books. the guy at the other cash register made eye contact and sort of shrugged at me. i meandered my way through the crowd and over to his helpfulness.

i was fiddling with my wallet trying to find the gift card that had $6 left on it when he spoke up. “it’s mumford, right?”

“yes, it is!” i said coolly, calmly, collectedly, when in my head, i was doing something like this:

I’M A REGULAR!!!!!!!

becoming a regular somewhere has been a dream of mine for ages. i don’t care where, i just want to go where everybody knows my name. of course it was at my local bookstore, but the really shocking part was that i was wearing no makeup and a baseball hat (what? it was sunday) and i was still recognized! that means i’m like a super regular. i wonder if that title comes with a cape?

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11 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #32”

    1. my brain is fried. i can’t remember which book i bought. i think it was WHEN YOU WERE MINE by rebecca serle.

    1. having worked in retail myself, i know how irrationally crazy people can be, so i can assure you, i would NEVER act that way in a store. it’s a lesson i think everyone should learn. everyone needs to work in either the restaurant industry or retail because i think we’d all be nicer to each other then!

    1. it completely does! and especially since i go into that bookstore at least once a week and recognize most of the employees, it’s nice to have the recognition returned. :)

    1. good catch, grandpa! that’s exactly the show i was referring to with that sentence. :) living in boston, i know all about cheers. i’ve even been to the official bar!

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