convos with strangers

conversations with strangers #33

i’m talking with strangers … here’s why.

after an email from our receptionist warning us about the towing going on outside, my guts twisted. i had driven to work that day because, post work, i had planned to drive down to NJ to see maga, who’s in town visiting, as well my other family members. because i rarely drive to work, i don’t know the street cleaning schedule and that’s a big reason why they tow in this town.

i flew outside and sure enough, my car was jacked up.

me: *breathless with panic* oh, please don’t drive away!! *waves wallet* i’ll pay you right now.

tow guy: *stares at me*

me: please? if i pay you now can you not drive off with my car?

tow guy: man, you are really lucky. one more second, i mean one more, and i’d have been outta here.

me: *chuckles, pitifully, mirthlessly, angrily* so i can pay you now?

tow guy: okay. that’ll be $90. it’s cash only you know.

me: yes, i figured it was cash only. *searches wallet* i have $50. i’ll give that to you now if you promise to wait here while i run to the atm.

tow guy: i said i’d wait, so i’ll wait. my word is good.

me: thank you!

tow guy: how far is the atm?

me: there are two around here, both off mass ave. it’ll take me 10-15 minutes? *ponders how fast she’ll have to run to pull that off.*

tow guy: well, here, why don’t i give you a lift to one of them.

me: oh, okay. *figures it’s better to be in the tow truck that’s captured my car than to be running willy nilly through the streets.*

i climb into his truck and after a brief discussion about which atm is closer (i’m at his mercy, i’ll go wherever is easiest for him because i don’t want him changing his mind and charging me more or deciding to take my car to the tow yard after all), we pull away from the curb. the guy then proceeds to try and make me feel better (“this is the worst part of my job” “we towed this one guy twice this week”), but the fact that i don’t have to cab over to some unknown tow yard and pay upwards of $150 to release my car is enough to squash the ugliness of having to fork over $90 at 11am on a friday morning.

tow guy: in order for this to be safe, i’m going to pull into this market’s parking lot. you do your atm thing and i’ll start unhooking your car.

me: thanks.

i return with the necessary cash, hand it over, and just like that my car is back in my possession. my panic subsides and everything feels lighter, particularly my wallet.

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8 thoughts on “conversations with strangers #33”

  1. Wow! You’re really lucky! Vicky just got her car towed recently too, but she didn’t catch them in time.

    1. i know. i’m so so so glad our receptionist sent out that email! it saved the day. also, poor vicky!

  2. I just now realized today was Tuesday and so you had a post up! Gahhhhh.
    Well. I’d already heard the story, but I’m still glad you got your car without having to go to the lot! Yay receptionist warnings :)

    1. yes, you had heard this story pretty much immediately after it happened. it’s just one of the many benefits of working with me. :)

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