heat wave

for the first time this summer, the temperatures are rising in the northeast and there’s not much i can do to keep cool other than sit as still as possible and read (and maybe eat ice cream and/or drink very cold beer and/or slurp down some other iced beverages and/or eat flavor ice).


where was i? oh yes, reading. here are some of the very cool books i’ve read lately…

UNDER THE NEVER SKY by veronica rossi
ENDER’S GAME by orson scott card
A NEED SO BEAUTIFUL by suzanne young
THE SINGLES by meredith goldstein
**CODE NAME VERITY by elizabeth wein
*WONDER by r.j. palacio
**THE WITNESS by nora roberts
UNRAVELING by elizabeth norris
THE ELEVENTH PLAGUE by jeff hirsch
THE SEARCH FOR WONDLA by tony diterlizzi

and here are the books i’m working on now…

WILD by cheryl strayed
LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD by tamara morgan

and thanks to the GENIUS that is kelly breakey, i’ve got THREE FATES by nora roberts on my kindle (app). i was so blown away by THE WITNESS by nora roberts that i decided she’s probably a bestselling author for a reason. i turned to kelly for some advice on which book(s) i should read next because kel’s not only a voracious reader, but gives great book recommendations when i decide to branch out of the YA genre (hello, PARADISE).

the next thing i know, i’ve got multiple emails from her. one listing four titles and another containing a download gift link to THREE FATES. what the what?!? girl is so generous and so trusting of ms. roberts’s talents, she gave me one of the books she had just recommended.

granted, this method of delivery probably had to do with the constraint that we’re not next door neighbors, but seriously, it was as heartwarming as if she’d knocked on my door and had a plate of chocolate chip cookies in one hand and THREE FATES in the other.

wait, wasn’t i trying to cool down?

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8 thoughts on “heat wave”

    1. isn’t there some theory about how you should drink hot coffee on a hot day so your internal temperature rises to match the outside temperature and then it’s not so hot…? i’m an iced beverage kind of girl, so i can’t say i’ve tested that theory.

  1. This is all good, but why won’t you tell us what you though of these books? :)) I want to know which are worth reading!

    Now back to day-dreaming about ice cream, cold beer, and ocean…

    1. i was under time constraints, so all i could do was star the ones i thought were worth recommending.

      1. I see! Well, I wondered if that’s what the stars meant, since you didn’t offer a legend :) I’ve heard other good things about CODE NAME VERITY, so maybe should check it out…

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