smell the roses

in this day and at my age, i’m classified as an adult. i may not feel like one, but on paper, i am one: i pay my own bills, bring home a paycheck, cook, clean, drink, live on my own, make plans with friends, and travel to see family. doing all the aforementioned things, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the ins and outs of this and that and always looking ahead at what’s next on the schedule. while fun and exciting and necessary, this leaves little room to enjoy the individual moments.

unless i press pause. metaphorically. literally. physically. emotionally.

there are so many wonderful things swirling around me i just need to reach out and snatch them, commit them to memory.

and in case i forget, there’s always a kid to remind me to stop behaving like an adult and live a little:

exhibit A: baby mac

in the midst of all the planning and the doing and the going, i can’t forget to enjoy the moments i’ve worked so hard to plan because as they say, life is what happens when you’re making other plans and i don’t want it to pass me by in a big blur of colors and faces and storms.

so, for the rest of the summer (holy cow, that’s just one month!), i’m going to slow it down, observe everything around me, and yes, stop and smell the flowers should i happen upon them. i’m going to feel my feelings instead of brush them aside because i don’t have time to be anything other than even-keeled. i shall eat ice cream and go for some runs and read and be quiet and be loud and take charge and sit back. i’m going to be busy and i’m going to meander. i’m going to talk on the phone and send emails and take pictures and visit with friends. i’m even going to write.

basically, i’m going to smile and have fun because while life may not be what i expected, i should (and can and will) embrace it.

what are YOU going to do during the dog days of summer?

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10 thoughts on “smell the roses”

    1. i know! baby mac makes my blog a whole lot cuter. :)

      i plan to enjoy the rest of my summer, yes, and i have a feeling, while not restful, you and ciel and IN A FIX are going to have a stellar end of summer/early fall. i can’t wait!!!

  1. Such a great post. I need to listen to this and apply it! I only have a month of maternity left to spend each and every day with baby Mac and bubba Mac and need to enjoy every minute of it! Even the ones where baby Mac isn’t listening, misbehaving, etc because those lead to moments like this picture. And even when bubba Mac is up in the middle of the night for an hour because that smile of his makes it worth it. Thanks for the reminder!

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