check THAT off the list

there has always been this one thing on my life to do list that i hadn’t shared with many people since it’s, well, a loaded topic.

what was that thing?

shooting a gun.

no one in my family hunts or owns a gun (to my knowledge), so i’ve never been around a gun before. i don’t even really like action movies with too much violence, but for some reason, i’ve always wanted to shoot a gun. i mean, something other than that orange remote controlled duck hunt ninetendo game thing.

lo and behold, this thanksgiving, i found myself surrounded by a cop and a doctor, wearing protective eye and ear gear and standing in front of a target. before this moment, i watched a five minute safety video and got a quick rundown of the gun + its parts, and then, it was go time.

so THAT’S what the back of my head looks like

after holding the gun(s) in my hands, i understood why i wanted to try it in the first place.


it was scary and nerve wracking and interesting and creepy and unlike anything i had ever experienced and exactly like i had expected though much, much louder.

the recoil was jerky and uncontrollable and confusing because from my time playing (or trying) almost every sport under the sun, the way your arm followed through generally determined the arc/angle/ending point of the ball/puck, and when the gun jerked up after the trigger was pulled, it shocked me the bullet didn’t travel a similar, uneven path and end up 12 meters higher than i aimed for.

not bad for a novice, eh?

having finally (and randomly) checked this off my life’s goals list, i want everyone to follow suit. i know this is usually the time of year we’re all reviewing what we did and planning for the new one, but instead of making resolutions, i recommend getting out there and doing them.

starting now.

but be safe! and follow all the rules! and surround yourself with experts! (i mean, hello, could one be any safer at a gun range than with a cop and a doctor? i don’t think so.)

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8 thoughts on “check THAT off the list”

  1. glad you had your chance! I had my chance at camp using a 22 rifle. it was fun then. i’ve also tried a shotgun but the kick was too much for me to enjoy. i’ve no further interest in guns. love, grandpa

    1. a rifle!? i’m impressed. i only shot a handgun. the rifles and shotguns looked like too much to handle. also, i keep hearing about boy scout camp and getting to shoot guns there. i didn’t get to do anything like that during girl scouts. i want my money back! :)

  2. 2 comments:
    1. Whoa, short hair! Is the front just as short? (can’t wait to see it and you in a few weeks)
    2. We’re definitely doing this while I’m in NJ. Set it up.

    -Brother G

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