happy birthday, grandpa

today is my grandfather’s birthday. he’s 88 years old.

it’s a big accomplishment that’s garnered him a lot of wisdom along the way. he’s worked and studied and learned and embraced change with each year and the most interesting thing, for me, has been his attitude towards technology, i.e. he’s not afraid of it.

he’s more fearless than i am.

the side effects of this attitude have been that i’ve been given a chance to get to know my grandfather through emails and phone calls and his comments on this very blog and as it turns out, we have more in common than just the same last name.

he reads. he writes (his memoir via email which is a fascinating study on memory). he’s ambitious. he’s thoughtful. he collects quotes. he’s interested in words while at the same time being a whiz with numbers.

*record scratches*

okay, fine, we don’t have the math thing in common. honestly, both of my grandfathers + my father went to MIT. WHY OH WHY didn’t i get any of those math/science-y genes?

anyways, happy birthday, grandpa! i hope today’s a grand day that’s just the start of another wonder filled year.

grandpa before he was grandpa and was just dad, aka 1963.

6 thoughts on “happy birthday, grandpa”

    1. i just realized the best thing about his birthday. he needs to have a cake big enough to hold 88 candles. YUM.

    1. it was the least i could do for all you do for me! i hope you have a wonderful day, despite what your current surroundings may be. i’ll think healthy and cheerful thoughts all day for you! xoxo.

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