if a compliment falls in a forest…

…can anyone hear it?

life, both offline and on, can feel lonely. you’re putting yourself out there and getting little to no feedback over and over and over and over until…


an unexpected comment changes things.

in the midst of complaining about the massive annoyance and hideously cumbersome interface that is overdrive (the software program all libraries use to allow their patrons to download audio and e-books), a friend, (hi, E!) unleashed two facts i immediately locked up in the treasure box of my heart.

(1) she said she thought of me when she signed up for the library. (i am so proud of her! especially since she can use overdrive and i cannot figure that jank out. trust me. i’ve tried four different times over the course of many years.)

(2) the books she was borrowing from the library? THE HUNGER GAMES. THE SCORPIO RACES. how’d those books get on her TBR list? this very blog.

be still my heart.

from time to time she has referenced my blog before, but with an insanely packed schedule, she only has time to read my words, not comment too.

i will ALWAYS be grateful my words (any words) are read, even if i don’t know so, but as the creator, the silence toys with my memory and it’s easy to forget my words were/are ever heard. in the quiet, it’s easy to think my sentences and paragraphs and posts are falling in the forest with no one around to hear them or their echoes.

as it turns out, someone was in that forest scooping up my thoughts and opinions and pondering what i’ve said, and, with those two tiny offline comments, left me a trail of breadcrumbs.

*follows trail*

15 thoughts on “if a compliment falls in a forest…”

  1. I’m also guilty of being a reader and not a commentator. I look forward to Tuesdays and Thursdays wondering what topic you’ll tackle next. I particularly love your conversations with strangers series. Don’t ever give up writing.

    1. *ahem* tuesdays and fridays, you mean?!?

      you do comment from time to time and i do appreciate that because you are also one of the busiest folks i know! and thank you for your kind words. love you!

    1. BILT?!?! Is that you?!?! Oh my gosh, hi!! Thanks for silently reading all the time! I know how very very busy you are.

      Also, for the record, I’m calling you BILT offline too. My April visit isn’t too far away. Get psyched.

      1. Yay! I can’t wait for your April visit! And ha to BILT! He always reads and we discuss your entries offline all the time. I am glad he decided to comment to let you know :) I am always here reading too!! Xo

        1. I love that your whole family is now commenting!! I don’t come from a competitive family, nope, not at all. Let’s see who can get more family members to comment! Ooh, march madness.

          P.S. xoxo

          1. Can I “post” Baby Mac and Bubba Mac’s responses so I can claim my whole family posted and we win?!? If so…Naby Mac would say that living in Pasta must be fun…and she can’t wait till you come visit! And Bubba Mac, well he can’t talk so he would just smile that sweet smile of his and want to snuggle! And with that…family Mac wins! Just kidding. But we do miss you lots and can’t wait till you are here!!

  2. Oops. Busted. Does the fact that we’re 3 hours behind still give me time to catch up on this contest?

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