happy third

dear baby mac,

today, you are 3. (you’re no longer a baby nor have you been one for awhile, but the (blog) nickname stuck and so i’ll address you as such.) you are, in fact, a big girl now. your brain astounds me, both in its cleverness, its sneakiness, its unlimited boundaries and its potential. you are parts silly, sweet, sassy, and stubborn, but your mom is more so, which usually sets you in your place. ;)

you have this unusual ability of appearing not to be paying attention, but when we least expect it, you pipe up with the correct answer or a spot on question or a poignant statement and we learn yet again not to underestimate you.

we’ve also learned you’re starting to know what we mean when we say “n-a-p” or “d-r-i-n-k”. slow down! you’re too smart!

you’re a bundle of emotion bouncing and hopping and running and giggling and screeching. no matter the emotion, it’s contagious, but by none more so than bubba mac (your wee bitty brother). he adores and stares and copies and follows you everywhere. i know you think he’s annoying, but you take your big sister role in stride as you proudly proclaim him, “my baby.”

you’re a funny little thing who’s blossoming into an amazing person.

princess practice
princess practice

your imagination marvels me, but so does your take on reality.

looking at decorations
taking in all the decorations

you may look like your mother’s twin, but your thoughts on having your picture taken are on par with your aunt’s (aka, mine):

silly bday girl

all in all, you’re one grand kid and i can’t wait to see what superhero things you accomplish/come up with next.

super birthday girl

aunt abby

10 thoughts on “happy third”

  1. Wonderful column. How lucky you were to spend time with her and witness in person just how fast she’s growing up.

    1. she is a delightful little thing and yes, i was lucky to have time with her recently (and her brother and mother and father).

  2. Baby Mac (and Bubba Mac and Sister J and BILT) had so much fun with you! She has already asked many times when you are coming back! She is growing up way to fast for me but really is becoming such a fun amazing person. I am blessed to watch her development on a daily basis! Thank you for this beautiful amazing letter to her…I will print it out and read it to her now and also save it (with the blog post from when she was born) for her to read when she is older. She is lucky to have such an amazing aunt! Miss you tons!! Xoxo

  3. She had so much fun this weekend and we’re all lucky to have gotten some time together with such a great Aunt! You really captured her in this!

    1. You produce great babies! Thanks for sharing your home with me. It was great to see the new digs in real life and not on FaceTime.

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