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books and beyond

to reiterate my last post, i love books. i was amazed by stories of people’s first library cards then and now, i’m amazed by what books can inspire others to do.

introducing: margot wood, fauxtographer extraordinaire.

i first learned of her where i learn about everything, the twitter. someone had retweeted one of her fauxtos, which is to say, one of the scenes from a YA book she recreated and then captured on film. even i, a photography dunce, could tell the picture was stunning. granted, i’ve read or heard of most of the books that inspire her photos which makes it even more fun for me, but you don’t have to have read the book to appreciate her genius because she gives a non-spoilery account of what scene the image came from, who her model/s is/are, why she chose that scene, and any other juicy tidbits from the photo shoot.

she also has a wicked sense of humor, as is evidence by our twitter exchange with mindy mcginnis, author of the (much touted) upcoming novel NOT A DROP TO DRINK.

funny convo 1

funny convo 2

yet another reason why i love the twitter. it introduces me to the most extraordinarily creative, not to mention, like-minded people.

since mindy’s book isn’t out yet, let’s all sit back and enjoy margot’s fauxtographs!

6 thoughts on “books and beyond”

    1. i know! i love the word fauxtographs and i love the images too!

      and you’re laughing about the twitter convo because it’s the truth. you’ve done it too, haven’t you? ;)

    1. (a) thanks for persevering with the commenting. i’m sorry my blog wouldn’t let you comment at first.

      (b) i too would love to see margot’s interpretation of a scene from SEND.

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