in class last night, my mind wandered and my hand wrote in cursive. the only time i write in cursive is to sign my name. looking at the paper, my cursive resembles a third grader’s. it looks i’m writing in another language. pig latin and cursive. i don’t remember when i stopped writing in cursive and returned to printing.

cursive is supposed to be fluid and therefore easier to write, but when have i ever taken the easy route?

our homework this week is to write a terrible story.

4 thoughts on “terrible”

  1. Hahaha! Your comment made me giggle. I never thought about the fact that you don’t write in cursive. I like that when your mind wandered it did so in cursive. I love writing in cursive!

    1. i was that bored that i started writing in cursive. it requires a lot of effort to do when all you normally do is print.

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