the rain arrived and brought with it true november weather. fingers holding umbrellas became icicles. shoes stomped through puddles black and deep. our moods were as dark as the weather as we gathered at C’s apartment waiting for the other two members of the party.

“we’re here,” the text message chimed. C, R, and i gathered our things. my phone rang, “we’re coming,” i said in lieu of a greeting, stomping down the hallway. huddled under the awning, we surveyed the street. “there’s a gold prius.” “no, she’d be driving a gold lexus.” “i don’t see them.” “would they have E or L’s car?”

it was then E and L popped out of a sleek black car. the limo parked auspiciously on the street was for us. A FREAKING LIMOUSINE. for us! for the entire night!

when the shock wore off, the first thing i blurted was “i’m wearing rain boots! are those even allowed in a limousine?”

the thing was, we were there to celebrate L turning 34 and here she was surprising us with a car about 100 yards longer than we were anticipating. it was quite the unexpected role reversal, and i honestly can say i’ve never been surprised like that.

our black moods dissipated like the champagne bubbles tickling our noses. the celebration of L turning 34 had begun in earnest and in style.

boston skyline from limo window (courtesy of LDZ)
boston skyline from limo window (courtesy of LDZ)



4 thoughts on “#34”

    1. me too! me too! me too! especially since you set the bar so high for 34. yes, i’m taking notes for january. :) #epic34

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